View of the Léman and Alps

The Daily Walk When People are Back

The daily walk, when people are back, is less pleasant because the roads and paths that were quiet when everyone was on holiday catching the virus were quiet. Now that everyone is back it is a challenge to avoid people again and it could be worth finding quieter routes.

View of the Léman and Alps
View of the Léman and Alps

I still track my walks with an app or two, but as I walk the same route so frequently something like the Garmin VivoSmart 4 is fine. It counts steps, measures heart rate, and measures oxygen levels, but not very well. It also tracks how tired or full of energy you might be.

The Suunto Spartan Wrist HR Baro still works fine but I think I’ve been using it for four years and I believe that the battery may be getting tired. It’s a shame that it’s while owning this watch that I have had the least interesting sporting habits. I have walked and cycled in circles for four year. I have hardly been to the mountains, or lakes. Same circles, different days.

I am tired of the pandemic. I am tired of the fatalism that the government shows towards controling this virus. We could have eradicated it from Switzerland twice already. We’re in wave four. Instead of being worried and doing everything possible to stop the virus from spreading the government says “oh but you just need to vaccinate and you’ll be fine.” The issue arises from children below the age of twelve having no chance to vaccinate.

The government has a cavalier attitude towards the health and safety of children, when it should do everything in its power to make sure that they are safe. They prefer to pretend they are unaware of the risks, and just to carry on regardless.

What I’m studying

I started the Becoming a Node JS Developer pathway. I don’t know whether I will concentrate fully on this pathway or if I will look at something afterwards. The knowledge I have gained so far from this course is useful. When I experiment with frameworks I will find the process simpler to understand. I am on day 718 of studying German and I practice speaking more.





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