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  • Learning By Writing despite GPT

    Learning By Writing despite GPT

    I am old enough to remember a teacher writing on a board or piece of plastic for an overhead projector. “Why don’t you just give us photocopies of what you’re writing instead of asking us to copy down what you’re writing. “Because you will remember it better if you write it down.” At the time […]

  • chatGPT, GPT3 and Reading Time

    chatGPT, GPT3 and Reading Time

    Time for a new discussion to take place. Reading time. Do you read through articles or do you skim them. Is reading the headline enough or do you read every word of the article? I ask because in the age of chatGPT and GPT3 I would ask the same question as I asked about social […]

  • Ninety Five Days of Blogging In A Row

    Ninety Five Days of Blogging In A Row

    I have managed to neutralise the inner censors. I have accomplished ninety five days of blogging in a row, once again. During the first 100+ days of the pandemic I did the same. At the time I thought that this would provide a document of how life was for the pandemic. The pandemic has lasted […]

  • Blogging And Digital Minimalism

    Blogging and Digital Minimalism are related. Blogging is about finding a topic and focusing on it for an extended period of time. Social media has shifted from being a conversation between individuals to one where personalities broadcast, and their audience is ignored. When I saw an article, read a book, or had a thought I […]

  • Of Twitter Threads (mice) and Blog Posts (Humans).

    With the sentence “Of Twitter threads (Mice) and Blog Posts (Humans)” you’ll see that I’ve done two things. The first is that I’ve modernised a well-known book title to draw parallels with the practices of writing Twitter threads and blog posts. People write twitter threads because they think that it’s fast, convenient, will draw an […]

  • Twitter Threads and Blogging

    Twitter Threads and Blogging

    Twitter threads and blogging are both free but whereas with one you need to click to read the continuation and it’s hard to print the other is self contained and easily shareable. I see twitter threads, that as twitter threads are a waste of time on a conversational channel but would be ideal for a […]

  • 2018 Nanowrimo attempt

    2018 Nanowrimo attempt

    As an introvert, I have a tendency to listen and daydream rather than talk. It is for this reason that the Nanowrimo challenge is an interesting one. It encourages me to be verbose, to use more words than I would usually use. It also forces me to find 1667 words of inspiration on a daily […]

  • Finding time for Long-Form Writing and Other Pursuits.

    Finding time for Long-Form Writing and Other Pursuits.

    Finding time for Long Form Writing This morning I read twenty percent of a book whilst sitting in the car waiting for shops to open. In the process I occasionally looked up to see private jets and airlines fly over me. A few years ago in the same situation I would have been staring at […]

  • A Writer Can Expect To Revise His Work Over A Hundred Times

    Those words were magic, a writer can expect to review his work over a hundred times. That so many times. Can you imagine going through something one hundred times? By the end, you’re going to go mad. Actually, when I’m working on video it’s not unusual for me to watch the same five minutes 20-30 […]

  • Time For The Dissertation Re-write

    Now that I’ve achieved my goal of getting most of my dissertation written I’m going to take a day’s break and work on another of my assignments to clear my head and also to make sure I complete all assignments by the required date. It’s been a long effort but last night I spent several […]