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  • A 2000 Year old Greek Mosaic in Turkey

    A 2000 Year old Greek Mosaic in Turkey

    Reading Time: < 1 minute I like archeological twitter because it shows us curiousities every day of the week, several times a day. I like the image of the mosaic below because you see that it was quite deep, and hidden. Imagine digging down and coming across such a sight and site. More info

  • I’m up to a measly 30,000 tweets over a year and four months

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Today I got to 30,000 tweets, a very nice number. There was a time when I seesmiced 5700 times in one month. Recently it’s been about 700 for last month.

  • Twitter100 – 100 at a glance

    Reading Time: < 1 minute If you don’t have much time to see what everyone is doing then twitter100 is a really interesting option. It allows you to see what up to 100 people you’re following are doing at that moment in time. It allows you to see who you’d like to respond to. It’s…

  • The Social Media Morning

    Reading Time: < 1 minute I went to the Social Media Coffee event this morning and met quite a few of the usual people including Deek, Sizemore, Londonfilmgeek and others. I got to know a few more twitter users a little better and that’s where I stayed for part of the morning. I’ve been networking…

  • 38 tweets an hour

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Yesterday I decided that I would track how many tweets I receive within a 24hr period. The result is not that bad. Over that period 917 tweets transited through my timeline. These tweets are sent according to the time of day. Some of them are sent during the Australian morning,…