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  • The iOS Astronomy Wallpaper and Seasons

    The iOS Astronomy Wallpaper and Seasons

    Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re wondering why one of the tags in my post is “Day 388” it’s because I shifted from WordPress to ClassicPress once again. In so doing I lost access to Akismet and Jetpack. By losing Akismet I lose comment spam filtering. I also lost access to the Jetpack app so…

  • Autumn is Coming

    Autumn is Coming

    Reading Time: 3 minutes Autumn, not winter, is coming. A week or two ago I noticed that a tree was changing from Green to red, as the leaves began to turn from Spring and Summer mode to Autumn and Winter mode. I noticed that the trees as you enter and leave Cheserex are also beginning…

  • Ail Des Ours

    Ail Des Ours

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  • Grapes and Apples

    Grapes and Apples

    Reading Time: 2 minutes I have seen combine harvesters at work over the last two days. Yesterday I saw them harvesting colza, and today I saw them harvesting wheat. At the moment you see grapes that are still in a juvenile state, and apples that look a little more mature, growing on their respective plants.…