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  • The Case for Using Albums in iPhoto, or WebDav

    The Case for Using Albums in iPhoto, or WebDav

    Reading Time: 4 minutes When you take photos on an iphone or other such device it’s easy to take photos and never organise them, unless you share specific photos with specific people. Images are automatically organised by time, date, month, location and people by photo apps but this is just an illusion of organisation. By…

  • Installing Immich Alongside Photoprism

    Installing Immich Alongside Photoprism

    Reading Time: 5 minutes Last night I installed Immich on an HP laptop with ease. The issue I came up against is that laptops sleep and hibernate after a few minutes unless you are actively using them. This means that you need to use them whilst files are being transferred if you do not want…

  • Experimenting with the Photoprism App

    Experimenting with the Photoprism App

    Reading Time: 4 minutes While playing with Nextcloud I found a serious flaw. If you add images via the command line from one directory to another, and then delete them, then their ghosts remain in the timeline. By ghosts I mean references to these files in the CMS and there is no quick way of…

  • A Walk by the Vallée De Joux

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Every so often I get in a car to walk somewhere different. For two or three days we have been in the fog. Yesterday the fog was so thick that when I was driving I decided to slow down. I wanted to be able to stop in half the visible…

  • Facebook and Photo Archives

    Facebook and Photo Archives

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Recently I have spent more time on Facebook and I have joined a few photo groups. One of them is for the Canton De Vaud, where people are sharing photos they have taken of the region. These photographs are well framed, well lit, and pleasant to look at. It feels like…

  • Spring


    Reading Time: < 1 minute 25,000 steps in a day.

  • Ail Des Ours

    Ail Des Ours

    Reading Time: < 1 minute

  • Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing

    Reading Time: < 1 minute I haven’t gone fishing, but the bird has.

  • A Cloudy Sky

    A Cloudy Sky

    Reading Time: 2 minutes Today as I walked from one village to another I looked up the hill and I saw a cloud arch framing a nearby village and I had to take a picture. The framing of the image was rather unique. It is below. Is it kitsch? There is a good chance. It…

  • Playing With Flickr

    Playing With Flickr

    Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s interesting, isn’t it? Flick is a website that I have been part of since 1996 and I have been so distracted by Facebook, Instagram and other social networks that I have forgotten about it. Several times I expected the website to wither and disappear but it hasn’t. It is still…