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Ingress First Saturday

Saturday I went to Lausanne to play Ingress with over 100 individuals. The purpose of this meetup was to level up lower level players. I would have preferred a more strategic game as we were so many players. I need to find people who want to play strategically. Ingress is a virtual game played in the… Read More »

First Saturday in Lausanne

First Saturday in Lausanne Now that we are between the via ferrata season and the snowboarding and scuba diving season a distraction is provided by gamers who like to use the physical world and mobile phones. Dear Ingress agents of Lausanne and elsewhere, The first Saturday of December (06/12/14), our city will participate in a… Read More »

Eclau in Lausanne

The Co working space in Lausanne (ECLAU/FB) is an interesting idea for freelancers and those who have some work to do but do not want to work from home or a cafe. There are desks and couches, a meeting space and more from which individual work and team work can be done. I was there… Read More »