Tag: Flixwagon

  • The Italians are victorious and I flixwagoned it

    And I may have taken over most of the frontpage by now.   

  • Mobile video streaming and the future of video sharing

    Two years ago we had the World cup and with that came hundreds of videos shot in cities around the world of people celebrating soccer (or football as a sport). At the time everyone would go out with their video camera, record the footage, wait till they got home, capture it and share via a […]

  • Finally re-united with my Macbook pro

    After over a month without the macbook pro it finally appears to be working again. Both the motherboard and the superdrive have been replaced. i’ve upgraded to the procare package and I’ve decided to have a secondary machine running linux as a backup.  It’s a shame that apple authorised resellers would take over a month […]

  • A nice streaming surprise

    The month is almost over and I’ve got fourty megabytes of streaming left to play with so I’m going to take advantage of that with my mobile phone. Since cities around Switzerland are covered by 3g you may find that I’m using Qik, Bambuser and Flixwagon to stream what I’m doing. Today I actually got […]

  • I’m going to play with Flixwagon

    Because three or four, I’ve lost track of how many, live streaming applications for the phone aren’t enough i’ve started to play with flixwagon as well. So far it’s taking some getting used to but I hope that by tomorrow I’ll have learned more. It’s still an alpha and only works with select phones. I […]