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A Cloudy Sky

Today as I walked from one village to another I looked up the hill and I saw a cloud arch framing a nearby village and I had to take a picture. The framing of the image was rather unique. It is below. Is it kitsch? There is a good chance. It was unique, so I… Read More »

One Hundred Million Geo-Tagged Images

One Hundred Million is the number of photographs geotagged on flickr. That’s an impressive number. There’s an article about the news here but I want to explore the fun side of things. Whenever I take photographs with my mobile phone they’re geo tagged so where ever I am in the world I can pinpoint within… Read More »


The idea that people expose their lives for everyone to read on sites like Flickr, blogger, and many others is a strange one. How often have you seen people partying with their friends yet not knowing a single one of them? It’s a voyeur’s paradise at the moment. I was listening to Net a night… Read More »