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Either you can buy a collection of casios that each have different functions or you can download apps that have a niche purpose. I have been playing with Gentler Streak and Training day. One looks at heart rate and training. The second looks at resting heart rate and heart rate recovery.

According to the Gentler streak app my fitness “seems stable”. It looks at the routine over the last few months and years, and by this metric decides whether fitness is increasing, stable or declining. With the Gentler Streak app I am fine with my routine.

In contrast the Training Today says that I am overdoing it. I have played with the app for one day so I don”t understand the data yet.

I have been going for two walks per day, and on some days a walk and a swim, or a walk and a run, so it makes sense that the app would say that I am overdoing it at the moment. You can smooth by as many days as you like, from none, to several days. You can also adjust the default intensity.

Both apps give different results so they may be mutually exclusive, at least in my case. They’re interesting because they provide you with an overview of fitness over a period of time. Instead of “time” or “steps” these apps tell you about the health impact of training and whether to push harder, rest, or slow down. It is an alternate way of fitness training, without using Strava or other fitness apps.

Both apps are European. Gentler Streak is Slovenian, funded by the European Union, and Training Today is English. With this quick glance of both apps, I prefer Gentler Streak at this point.

I was inspired by an article about this type of app in the Google app where articles are suggested. This is a niche I had not yet played with.

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