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  • My Lack Of Interest In the Apple Watch Ultra

    My Lack Of Interest In the Apple Watch Ultra

    I see people are training for ultrarunning events, scuba diving and more with the Apple Watch Ulta, but I feel no interest in such a watch. The first reason for my lack of interest is that the watch is stupidly expensive for something that lasts just 30 hours on a single charge. I would expect […]

  • Apple Health Step Data Sources

    Apple Health Step Data Sources

    Yesterday I spent some time looking through Apple Health Data Sources. I see that there are plenty of data sources. These are the Apple watch, the iphone, Alltrails, move, connect, stepsapp, pacer, Suunto, Ingress and three more that are marked as inactive. Move is the app that gets data from some Casio watches. Connect is […]

  • Rest and Recovery Apps

    Rest and Recovery Apps

    Either you can buy a collection of casios that each have different functions or you can download apps that have a niche purpose. I have been playing with Gentler Streak and Training day. One looks at heart rate and training. The second looks at resting heart rate and heart rate recovery. According to the Gentler […]

  • The March Walking Challenge

    The March Walking Challenge

    I’m on the Apple Activities March Walking Challenge this month. The app has decided that I must walk or run 298 kilometres. It’s an average of 9.6 kilometres a day. This is both easy and challenging at the same time. Walking 10 kilometres takes about two hours. When I had a broken arm I walked […]

  • Iredpoint by Frogg GMBH

    Iredpoint by Frogg GMBH

    The Apple watch and other devices have integrated barometers that allow them to track changes in altitude. Iredpoint by Frogg GMBH is one app that takes advantage of this. It allows you to tell the app what type of climbing you are doing as well as the difficulty. Types of Climbing This app allows you […]

  • 100 Move Day Goals reached

    100 Move Day Goals reached

    I have 100 move day goals reached. The difficulty of this goal depends on how high you set the bar. If you set the bar at two hundred calories a day then the goal is easy to achieve. If you set the goal at 500 or 600 calories then the achievement is slightly more interesting.  […]

  • Planned Obscolesence as Fragility

    Planned Obscolesence as Fragility

    I want to discuss Planned obsolescence as fragility. In the days of Nokia you could buy a phone and give it to a teenage boy and expect it to survive without breaking. I know because I was a teenage boy with a Nokia phone. So were plenty of my peers. It was more likely that […]

  • The Apple Watch does not fill a niche

    The Apple Watch rather than fill a niche provides a fifth screen. According to Wikipedia the four first screens are the cinema screen, the television screen and the mobile phone and tablet screen. The fifth screen is the smart watch as designed by Apple, Samsung, Sony and others. Apple and others have designed phones that bring […]