second day

The first day was a long one with twelve matches recorded. Four matches at a time three times with an offset of half an hour between starting times in pairs. It’s amazing how many time breaks there are in this sport. Work continued on the Lebanon edit I’m working on. Related links: Photos from the… Read More »

Six degrees of seperation

Last night I watched Six Degrees of Separation. I had heard about it a few years ago when one of the first networking sites began. The aim of the website was to prove that you were related to everyone through six degrees. What this meant that was that by knowing a friend of a friend… Read More »


When mentioning smokescreen I always have the impression that it’s there to hide something but that’s the name of the student tv channel at uni. We’ve already been working on a number of things. We’ve been finding volunteers, preparing the logo and such. Last night I was working on the content management system which would… Read More »

Two weeks of recreation

The next two weeks or so shall see me resting but not from media work. There’s a good chance I’ll be working on a project about a Prison in the Lebanon. It was shot a few weeks ago and the person in charge of the project needs help with the editing. It looks as though… Read More »