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  • Aerating Manure

    Aerating Manure

    Today I saw a strange machine so I stopped to watch it in action. It went over a pile of manure and flipped it around to get air through the pile to help with the forming of fresh manure to spread on fields shortly.

  • Spring


    25,000 steps in a day.

  • Thoughts On Decentralised Social Media

    Thoughts On Decentralised Social Media

    The web was decentralised for a long time. The internet and social networks were designed around different niches. We had niches for people that did sports in the same area of Switzerland, that wanted to discuss a variety of topics, for music lovers and more. The change brought on by MySpace, Twitter, ICQ, Facebook and […]

  • A Rainy Day

    A Rainy Day

    I hate pandemic weekends because out of pandemic I would be free to do a lot. In pandemic I am not free to do those things. I will write longer posts when i regain my healthy solitude. Recently I have started forgetting my phone at home when I go out. I use it to take […]

  • Ail Des Ours

    Ail Des Ours

  • A Different Challenge

    A Different Challenge

    I like the long project but I decided to try a shorter one first.

  • Garmin Expedition Challenges

    Garmin Expedition Challenges

    Garmin have had challenges for years. Most of them have been about distance, or vertical climbing. Now they have new Expedition challenges. Each expedition is named after an expedition or adventure by the same name. The Camino De Santiago challenge is a challenge to walk 784 kilometres. The Denali challenge is to climb 6190m. There […]

  • The Immature Coming of Age of Social Media

    The Immature Coming of Age of Social Media

    Around a decade and a half ago I grew tired of seeing blog headlines that said “The top ten blah blah”, “Three signs that …” and more. It grew tiring to see all those headlines, to a point where it generated the term clickbait. The idea of a headline being written to attract people to […]

  • Reading to Understand The Past

    Reading to Understand The Past

    When I read books i read to be transported back to a different time and a different way of thinking. That’s why i read James Bond books, among others. The books are old-fashioned but it is that obsolescence that makes them interesting. They take us to a time before travel as we know it today. […]

  • Twenty One Thousand Five Hundred Steps and A Wind That Plays The Harmonica

    Twenty One Thousand Five Hundred Steps and A Wind That Plays The Harmonica

    Today I could have taken the scooter to some shops but I went for a walk. The result of that walk is that I reached twenty one thousand five hundred steps. I often take a lot of steps per day. I wish I was walking somewhere more interesting than in circles. According to Sports tracker […]