A Walk In Spain

We cannot always walk around in circles during a pandemic around where we live. I spent over a year walking around in circles near home in Switzerland but this Christmas I travelled. I didn’t travel because I wanted to. I travelled because sometimes we need to see family. I also travelled to escape all of… Read More »

Omicron – Ecolint Quarantined

So far we have read a lot of articles saying that Omicron could be mild but as of this evening it is being treated as highly contagious. 2000 people, 1600 children and 400 staff are quarantined by decision of Vaud and Geneva. It would see that the newest variant is serious enough to quarantine an… Read More »

Playing With Google Maps And Apple Maps

A few days ago I was driving from Switzerland to Spain via France when Google Maps told me to get off the motorway and drive on normal roads. When it made this mistake I switched to Apple maps, and was not led astray again. Google Maps leading me astray was a surprise. Google Maps and… Read More »

Twelve hour drive.

I drove twelve hours today. For the first part I had snow falling and salt machines, and for the second part I had strong winds. I am now tired. This reads more like a tweet than a blog post.