Pacer And The Camino De Santiago

Pacer And The Camino De Santiago

Just as I was thinking, “I have nothing to write about because I have been walking around in circles for three or four years I find that at least virtually I have almost achieved a big project. Walking 819 kilometres on the Camino De Santiago. I am now four kilometres from the end. By the end of tomorrow morning I will have completed this goal.

In reality nothing special, as I haven’t had to change my routine, suffer or anything else. What does surprise me is how quickly I completed the challenge. I could have accomplished the goal in more time. I have more than 100 days left to complete the challenge. Now we know how long it would take me to complete, in the physical world.


Pacer, for one year, costs 29CHF and for a while I thought that this was prohibitive for what is essentially a step counting app. I eventually did pay because I like having the longer term virtual goals. I like the idea of walking around the Mont Blanc, or walking the Camino De Santiago. It is also nice to see some of the additional data you get. The app tells me that I have taken taken 18 million steps over 768 hours over a period of 1890m days for a total distance of 21,142 kilometres. I am also more active than 97.2 percent of the users within my age group.

The Niche It Aims At

I suspect that this app is aimed at people who are not in the habit of walking two hours a day. I think it is aimed to the type of people who walk half an hour to an hour a day but want to achieve more. It provides audio coaching, simple goals for steps, duration and more. It also offers nutritional advice and more. It also offers a group of people to interact with, who are not striving for KOMs, legendary status or personal records. It is aimed at runners, walkers, hikers and people who like to feel that their circular walks are leading to somewhere interesting. That’s why I eventually decided to play with the premium features for a year.

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