Home Before The Storm

Home Before The Storm

One of the games I like to play is to look at the weather app and see when the rain is scheduled to arrive. I then estimate whether I will make it home before the rain. I took rain stuff just in case, to keep electronics etc dry but I don’t mind if I get wet, at the current temperature.

I went for a fifty eight minute walk and it’s as I sat down this blog post that the rain began. I timed it perfectly. It’s gratifiying to achieve such a fleeting goal. I had originally considered doing a slightly longer loop but as I saw the clouds, and the time it would take. I changed course. I also changed course because I saw two slow moving people blocking one route and I prefer to continue self-isolating.

The Delta variant has a well chosen name because it is really great at getting big deltas, big changes. Denmark had a big increase in the number of cases, and other places are increasing rapidly as well. Delta provides instant feedback. You don’t need to be patient to see that something was a bad idea.

Une quantité énorme de pluie est tombée sur la Suisse ces trois derniers jours: ces précipitations auraient suffi pour remplir complètement le lac de Neuchâtel, celui des Quatre-Cantons celui et encore la moitié du lac de Zurich.

Source: Radio Lac Article

In the last few days enough rain fell to fill the Lac De Neuchatel, the Lac Des Quatres-Cantons et part of Zurich’s lake. Around here it is hard to see that so much rain has fallen. I haven’t seen too many signs of flooding or ruined crops, but of course this part is on a slope and the Lac Léman can easily absorb that quantity of rain.

I’m glad I did make it home before the rain. I would have gone for a walk earlier but I got distracted by the Tour De France. It’s fun to see that they sprinted a few times, and at one moment I feel that one of the cameras scraped the floor. It still managed to capture the rest of the race so I think that it was fine. The camera operator just hung the camera a little too low.

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