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Day 41 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – Reverse Journey

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Today I ran and then walked a reverse journey of what I did yesterday. I wanted to take a picture of the corkscrew tree. It would have required for me to wait for two slow walkers and their dog to pass and because they insisted on walking two abreast it made more sense to turn around and take an alternate route.

Slight increase in the number of cases in Switzerland.

Although my attitude may seem extreme there has been an increase in the number of cases. At least three times today I would have been within people’s personal space if I had not turned around, found a snicket through a forest, or stepped into a field. I look forward to the weekenders being back in their home offices on Monday. They shouldn’t be allowed in the wild. They lack common decency and courteousy.

I watched Darwin speak about how quiet the AT has become as a result of the order for everyone to vacate the trail being given. This season will be a different one, if it takes place at all. It’s a shame that thru-hiking isn’t allowed. In theory they could easily sleep in tents and eat take away on the rare moments when they’re in town.

I also watched this fifty minute video of a successful thru-hike in 2019. It looks like this was more of an adventure than other videos I’ve watched. It also looks like a lot of fun. I still dream of doing multi-day hikes again.

I also listened to the Thru-Hiker episode with Tip Tap as an interviewee. I’ve been watching the videos but I’m

I think i finished the journey videos but I’ve lost track as a result of watching so many videos on this topic.

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