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  • Third day in New York

    Today I’m going to Statten Island in New York. It’s the third day I’ve been here so far and I’ve already visited the UN, Battery Park, Central Park, Times Square (at night), and other locations. I transited through Amsterdam from London, stopping there for a few hours. The flight was aboard a 777. I watched […]

  • I’m so happy not to need to fly in the next few days

    There’s some great news and some bad news. The great news is that the English government says it managed to prevent a series of terrorist attacks within the last twenty four hours. What’s not so great is that many people end up stranded at various airports around the world. Apparently over 200 flights and 200,000 […]

  • Two weeks of recreation

    The next two weeks or so shall see me resting but not from media work. There’s a good chance I’ll be working on a project about a Prison in the Lebanon. It was shot a few weeks ago and the person in charge of the project needs help with the editing. It looks as though […]

  • Swimming competitions and your viewing future

    The media is in a time of convergence and that’s what some people find fascinating. i’m listening to a number of podcasts about technology, the media and computing in order to keep informed on developments. Today I will be working once again with footage that has been shot in another country. What makes this particularly […]