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  • Emergence Du Russel

    Emergence du Ressel from Lennart Kuijs on Vimeo. A nice cave diving video. The waters are very clear right up to the end and you even get to see a few fish.


    F3F TOP GUN from Performance Freediving on Vimeo. Really fun video where they use divers with DPV (diver propulsion vehicles) for an underwater sequence. One of the most interesting underwater sequences I’ve seen in a while.

  • Mountain lake diving in Austria.

  • An extensive collection of Diving videos.

    For those who have a passion for Scuba diving I have found a group that you will enjoy. Vimeo has a group with over 1000 members and 2800 videos related to diving. Most of these videos are warm water dives and aquatic life. Diving with whale sharks – Chumpon Pinnacle from nick zioncheck on Vimeo. […]

  • Duingt Dive with friends

    Today for the second time we went to the Dive site in Duingt. It is located on the Lac D’Annecy a short drive from Annecy. The dive site is near a castle and the dive is down the flanc towards the cliff. The dive takes you by some submerged trees that would have fallen in […]

  • A Trip to the Bottom of the Wall

    Two friends of mine decided that they would go to the bottom of the wall at the dive site in Chindrieux. This dive site is on the Northern end of the Lac du Bourget in France one hour’s drive from Geneva. The classic dive, which I have done a number of times is a 40 […]

  • Chindrieux Dives

    Earlier today I was at Chindrieux, a lake side village looking out over the Lac du Bourget lake in France. It is a nice lake with good visibility. The dive site where my friends and I usually dive is a wall. You swim out for 300 meters before heading down the bank to a little […]

  • Underwater diving videos

    I’ve been watching a series of underwater diving videos from around the world from the website divefilm and there are a number of interesting ones. Most of them are by the same person but occasionally there are guest appearances by those aiming to protect whales, others aiming to protect dolphins. There are also some videos […]