An Adult Playground Near a Children’s Playground

An Adult Playground Near a Children’s Playground

When in Geneva we can easily walk by the lake, or through the city when we’re not looking after children but when we are walking might be more of a challenge. I am not looking after children in Geneva but as you might there is an opportunity here.

Several exercise machines for grown -ps

You have a choice of machines to play with. You have a rowing machine that uses body weight. You have turntables to work your core, you have a swingy leg thing for leg muscles, an elliptical machine for cardio and another rowing machine that also works your core and arms. I tried the rowing machine and the turntable. The turntable is good. It allows you to go at the speed that’s comfortable for you so that you work your body correctly.

The turntable has a choice of three heights so you can either choose the one that’s at the right height for you or you can use all three heights and work a variety of muscles within that group.

These rowing machines are okay. They’re better when you do small movements rather than the entire range of motion it offers. I found that if you go beyond a certain point it leaps.

The elliptical machine needs to be maintained because I found that it’s not as smooth as it should be so it may strain your body without giving you a proper workout.

Such machines are good because they can be used throughout the year and at any time of day or night as they’re far enough not to disturb people living nearby. It’s convenient because it’s near a children’s playground so while children play on their swings you can enjoy yourself too.

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