A Walk in The Swiss Sun

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Yesterday I read that we will have sun for at least a few more weeks due to a high pressure system over this part of Europe and this afternoon I read that it is snowing in Greece. Normally, out of pandemic I would love sunny days because it would mean climbing, cycling, hiking and more. During a pandemic it means solitary mud while avoiding being run over by cars, walking through the mud to avoid couples, and wearing a mask when you have to be close to others.

With a rainy day I could stay in, focus on studying, and rest for a day or two. I also love the sound of rain on the roof and the sense of intimacy, despite solitude, that a rainy day provides. Sunny days are quite lonely. We have nothing between us and the universe but a little air. No cloud vapour or anything else. I never thought I would like rain, but I never thought I would live through a 25 year pandemic, and that politicians would get away with letting people die, either through their own idiocy, or through idiotic government policy. To be clear, I mean by shortening lockdowns, speaking of discontinuing masks, or ending restrictions when it is the irrational thing to do.

Today 90,000 more people fell sick of Covid. If ten percent get Long Covid then that’s 9000 people. That’s a lot of people with Long Covid in a single day. This is life today.

I stopped being optimistic about this pandemic ending because it was too painful when optimism was misplaced, so now I am a realist, and I aim to stay busy, until real life resumes, in 20 or more years from now.

We are in a pandemic, and it isn’t meant to be easy or pleasant.

I have found people who think like me on Twitter, so at least I can converse with people who would like more to be done. It reduces solitude.

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