Month: November 2021

  • Reading About Hiking While Charging A Watch

    Today I sat in the sun to charge my watch. I kept my left wrist facing the sun. My right wrist was employed in keeping a kindle in place, reading. My goal was to get the watch to go up by one day of charge and it worked. I wouldn’t sit in the sun to […]

  • A Solar Powered Watch in Spain

    A Solar Powered Watch in Spain

    If you were a solar powered watch would you prefer sunny Switzerland or sunny Spain? Luckily my watch has now tried both. The watch likes that you walk with your watch wrist facing the sun and the wrist without a watch to be on the shady side. I know this is not an ordinary thing […]

  • Twelve hour drive.

    Twelve hour drive.

    I drove twelve hours today. For the first part I had snow falling and salt machines, and for the second part I had strong winds. I am now tired. This reads more like a tweet than a blog post.

  • View of Winter

    View of Winter
  • Learning to Prepare an Americano In A Sigg Miracle

    Learning to Prepare an Americano In A Sigg Miracle

    I love drinking espresso and preparing them but there is one big drawback. You drink them within a single sip and the pleasure of drinking coffee is over to soon. That’s where a quick google search provides the answer. An Americano is either two nespresso capsules of coffee poured into a mug of boiling water, […]

  • Walking With Worn Shoes

    At the moment I am walking with worn shoes, not because I do not have shoes that are not worn, but because I do not want to walk with shoes that have good tread at this time of year, due to the mud that gets stuck in them. When I walk with shoes with treads […]

  • Rivella in a Sigg Bottle

    Rivella in a Sigg Bottle

    For months, or even years, I have seen adverts for the Rivella Unlimited Bottle. it is a competition that you can play, and if you win the competition you get a Sigg Rivella bottle that you can get refilled anywhere for free. I thought the idea of putting Rivella into any reusable bottle was absurd […]

  • The Contrast Between French and Swiss News

    The Contrast Between French and Swiss News

    As I struggled to find a neutral topic to write about I noticed the distinct difference between how the French and the Swiss media are speaking about the fifth wave. The swiss say that it is “pre-occupying” and that it “has won the French speaking part of Switzerland” and “no long term impact on Swiss […]

  • A Distinct Change In Pandemic Attitude – Pandemic Travel

    A Distinct Change In Pandemic Attitude – Pandemic Travel

    I am against travel during a pandemic. I am against venturing further than a two hour walk. To be more accurate I was against these things until the vaccines. My attitude since then has changed because of the indifference and incompetence governments have shown. Instead of having a primary and a backup safety measure they […]

  • Hiking And Tea

    Hiking And Tea

    This morning, as I was doing laundry, I found that I couldn’t focus so I started to look at all the teas that are available at a local shop. I saw that they had herb teas, mint teas, nettle teas, weed tea and more. I also noticed that tea is cheap. You can get twenty […]