Walking With Worn Shoes

By | 25 November 2021

At the moment I am walking with worn shoes, not because I do not have shoes that are not worn, but because I do not want to walk with shoes that have good tread at this time of year, due to the mud that gets stuck in them. When I walk with shoes with treads I collect mud during my walk, and I bring it up the stairs when I walk up, and I drop it off when I run back down. This leaves a mess, which, if I was a child, would be forgivable to some degree, but as an adult may be seen as immaturity.

The alternative is to take the lift, but to take the lift is to show a degree of laziness that I am not ready to show. Lifts are slow. I prefer staying healthy by running up and down stairs. The issue is that people in this building do not walk in mud so they leave non behind, but also that they take lifts, rather than stairs. This means that if I leave a trail of mud right to my door people know that it is me. There is a chance that the only people who know this, are the cleaner and me. I don’t know whether other people walk up stairs. I do not often cross people walking up or down the stairs.

Worn shoes do not collect mud, and if they do collect mud then an ordinary doormat can wipe them clean. With deep treads you need a screwdriver or some other tool to coax the mud out. I don’t want to do this too often because I feel that it damages the shoes and wears them out faster than if I just left the mud, to be knocked free as it dries.

We have a few more months of mud, so for a few more months I will have to be more cautious with the evidence, that I leave, after going for a walk.

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