Monthly Archives: August 2008

Zyb – quick contact syncing for mobile phones

Over the years I’ve jumped from one phone to another and each time I’ve had a backup of all my contacts on at least three other devices at all time. The latest service I’ve played with is Zyb. Whilst still in Beta it’s a simple to use interface for s60 phones like the N95 that… Read More »

Blog Action Day 2008 – Poverty

This morning, August 15 2008, Blog Action Day has launched. In the next two months we hope to encourage thousands of bloggers, podcasters and videocasters to learn about poverty, and on October 15, take action. Anohther blog action day is coming up. How will you be active this time around?

Two days later and the eee pc

It’s two days later and I’m close to touch typing on the asus eee and I’m enjoying the machine just as much. I did try to upgrade to openoffice 2.3.1 from 2.0 and no luck so far. As a result I’m stuck with relying on the cloud instead. One friend found the machine hard to… Read More »

I now have a eeepc

Today i went to buy myself a eee pc during my lunch break and by the time I was heading for home  the machine was recharged and ready to be played with. So far my biggest challenge is the tiny keyboard. Hard to touch type on it. Keep having to be careful to press each… Read More »

Twitter are stopping SMS

Twitter are stopping all SMS for many territories due to cost. They don’t need to send sms. If they had an s60 application similar to that by Jaiku they would incur no extra costs. We would simply take advantage of our dataplans to download the messages at any time that the application is running. Worldwide… Read More »