Blueapple.Mobi – Video to mobile devices

By | 19/08/2008

As Yael Naim’s live performance of Toxic plays from my phone so I’m playing with which “brings internet video and pictures directly to mobile users”. It’s an interesting service that allows you to view videos from a number of sources. You can see some of the recommended videos which are already converted from sources such as CBS or you can search for others. When you find a video that is not converted yet the site will convert the video on the fly and within a very short amount of time you will be able to download it straight to the phone.

This is more interesting than other services where you need to download applications in order for the files to be available. Of particular interest is the feature that you don’t need anything extra on the phone. Just download the video, watch it and then discard it. No waste, no clutter.

Take a look, it could be of interest as mobile broadband prices go down and free wifi become ubiquitous.

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