Monthly Archives: August 2008


Tweetrush is based on the rushhour engine and aims at providing information on the volume of tweets that are sent every hour of the day. At the present 800,000 tweets are sent a day. That’s an average of 33,300 an hour. I only tweet at about 86 (not 200) a day depending on conversations. You… Read More »

Seesmicing from anywhere

I like to seesmic but there’s no way I want to be stuck in one place without moving around. It’s more fun when you see people aren’t in a desk situation. Here are four places from which to seesmic and make things more interesting. Seesmic from here. The Lake Side Yet another nice view The… Read More »

GMdesk as a fun Air App

Gmail, google Calendar and google maps are part of our daily workflow. As a result of this we have them running in two or three tabs at all times. Switching between tabs within a browser can be time consuming but not between applications. That’s where Adobe Air and GMDesk come in. Adobe Air is a… Read More »

Jaiku is moving to the Google App engine

Jaiku is about as old as twitter but rather than expand and get two million users it was bought by google some months ago. This weekend the service has been unavailable and the reason for this is that they’re moving from the old finnish server to the google App engine. Pat pointed me to this… Read More »

I miss the old twitter.

Over a year ago I started using twitter and it had great promise. The public timeline was so slow that I would refresh it and there would be no new comment for minutes at a time. The service would auto refresh from the website and the community was small. The @ feature didn’t exist and… Read More »