Month: February 2007

  • Henry Dunant and IDHR

    Whilst doing my work last week in Geneva I was told that I had to include footage from the Film “Henry Dunant – Du Rouge sur la croix”. I didn’t get to watch the film until today but I enjoyed it. it’s an interesting film for anyone who has been brought up in Geneva to […]

  • Cheeky phonecall

    I have a deep and sincere hate for spammers, whether in forum comments, spam e-mails, spam websites or sales phone calls. It’s only 950GMT and already I’ve received a phone call from 02920368792 trying to get me to change from one phone network to another. The problem is that there’s no proof that the person […]

  • On Al Gore winning the Oscar for best documentary

    I am greartly pained and sadened to see that Al Gore won the oscar for best documentary for “An Inconvenient truth”. I find that this is absolute lunacy and there is reasoning behind this statement. In the United Kingdom you’ve got the British Broadcasting Corporation working on some beautiful documentary. Just look at Deep Blue, […]

  • Airport security can be fun

    When you fly a lot you get used to the antics of airport security. Sometimes you see people get angry and flustered by their stuff being searched. Sometimes I’ve felt that way as well. Today was amusing. My bag went through the x ray machine and since it was so full of books dvd and […]

  • Delegation and working to deadlines

    I love working on my own projects, where I rely on no one but myself but occasionally I’m lucky enough to have no choice but to work with other people. It’s at these moments that I learn more. I learn about team scheduling and teamwork. I also learn about delegation. I’m not that good at […]

  • It’s been a twelve hour day of editing

    I’ve spent around twelve hours editing today and it’s finally getting to resemble something, as I’d like it to be. It’s involved two days of video capture of a variety of material from a number of events around Europe in particular. It’s starting to be a good edit. Any creative person will tell you that […]

  • An impressive personality

    How many people have the ability to walk out in front of a crowd of hundreds and a televisual audience of several thousand? I don’t think that many, especially not with the confidence of this young girl. If I understood her correctly her name is Johanna and she is from Romania. I was watching the […]

  • Information about my site

    Over the past twelve months over 28 gigs of data transfer have occured through 400,000 visitors and one and a half million hits. There have been 746 downloads of the Paddington station video as I write this. On youtube the same video has only had 30 views. This makes me happy because I see that […]

  • I’m a video podcaster

    I downloaded the latest version of the broadcast machine, changed one file and my videos are available to download through itunes for viewing on your video ipods if you have one or on your laptop should this not be the case. This means that if you want to see all my latest work it’s as […]

  • Idlewild

    After having spent the whole night without sleep yesterday my energy levels were low and I decided that I would rest. In doing so I’ve spent quite a bit of time online but I’ve also conclued my reading of Idlewild. I was with a friend and he was looking for post apolaptyic books and was […]