Month: November 2006

  • Tomorrow the multicam starts

    Today’s been a long day, beginning at 9 with lectures and finishing at 1800 with tape logging and transcribing. It passed through some studio work, laying the floor, and such. Tomorrow we start at 9am and continue till night in order to get all our shots finished with. We’ll get a lunch break so have […]

  • La Grande Illusion des Quatre Cents Coups

    C’est deux films que je vient de regarder. I’m watching a lot of DVDs at the moment. I have neither television nor a fast connection, therefore, I take advantage to study the cinema. It’s a good way of spending time, of being transported into other timezones, towards other cities I constantly find more information as […]

  • The week is coming to an end

    The proposal is handed in, I’ve done some camera work for a multicamera production and now I’m waiting to walk through the halls. It’s been a productive day and the workload should increase over the next week when the multicamera for my group takes place.

  • All that remains from this day

    Today a friend of mine was in the news, after being arrested and released in China. He’s a photographer. At the same time, I’m in England and I am no longer welcome to a place where I have spent many hours. I have three documents loaded within the browser to continue work on the dissertation […]

  • Dissertations, documentaries and such

    I’ve been reading about documentary makers and it’s interesting. Today I read about several of them, took notes, and explored the ideas that they demonstrate. The one that has confused me is Kossanovksy and his ideas of Dogma. I’m wondering how you do a documentary without having interviews or cutaways. Does he mean that we […]

  • First time directing a multicam

    Directing a Multicam is easy, after being a cameraman at many conferences. it’s a matter of knowing which shots you would like to have had with just one camera but couldn’t get. It’s easy, switching from one source to another and making sure the pacing is right and that there are not too many screw-ups. […]

  • Casino Royal in Leicester Square

    I went to Leicester Square tonight and I saw many celebrities for the opening of Casino Royal, the new bond film. Among those present were the scissor sisters, Girls aloud, Richard Branson, Mohammed Al Fayed, Paris Hilton, Sting, Elton John, Eva Green, The songwriter, Miss MoneyPenny, Dame who plays M and a few other celebs. […]

  • Sunday afternoon

    Soon I may have internet access in my halls again and at that point the writing will begin again. it’s hard to be inspired in a library. On the positive side I’ve watched up to three new documentaries since last night so I’m wondering whether to look at the origins of french and English cinema. […]

  • Multicam work

    There’s a studio, three cameras, four female dancers, one male. It’s a cabaret show yet no one is in costume. That’s because it’s a practice session for those who will be using the studio in two weeks. I don’t like having a prompter on the front of the camera because it makes smooth movements harder […]

  • Project progression

    I’m only a few words away from the completion of the dissertation but over the past two nights I haven’t had as much sleep as I would like to have had, thanks one night to myself and thanks the next night, to the people I’m living with. It’s a problem when you’re kept awake till […]