Exploring Geneva at 30 kilometres per hour

Exploring Geneva at 30 kilometres per hour makes a nice change from driving in the city. Yesterday I met with the Geneva Bike and beer group. It’s an activity from within the broader Geneva based Glocals activities.

Exploring the Geneva landscape by bike
Exploring the Geneva landscape by bike

The pace is reasonable and the loop is about 20km for this second group ride. There are a lot of opportunities to cycle away from traffic and on quiet roads. It was fun for me to see the landscape differently. For over a year I used to drive in that landscape to get to dive sites and back. This time I was far lighter.

As with everything in Geneva the group is international with people from a number of countries and continents. I will participate again.

81st International Motorshow Geneva, as seen via a blackberry torch 9800.

I went to the car show today and despite the crowds I was able to test the blackberry torch. You can see the results here.


Geneva Lake Parade – McDonald’s FIFA theme.

Every year I go to the lake parade and this year I tried something different. I decided to take photographs rather than video.

By the same opportunity I am testing Flickr gallery, a plugin that makes including your flickr images into wordpress a two step process.

My Love Affair with HD Continues

Today I went to the Geneva Motor Show and filmed lot’s of cars, from the Koenigsegg to Asimo the robot via a few girls giving information about cars and even crowds of people. I spent some time reviewing the footage and yet again I’m happy with the results. I’m going to work on a few compilation videos within the next few days but if you’d like an overview of the result then I have a sample on blip (select the mov), and on Youtube (Select HD).


Two very different types of Qik videos

We climbed the ladder for two different reasons.

Today both a friend and I are among the top qikkers of the day. Whilst Documentally of Ourmaninside.com was in Milton Keynes getting an iphone 3g and streaming a number of videos on the experience I was filming dancers at the Geneva lake Parade. Both these events have appeal for different reasons.

We’re used to watching videos of Americans getting the iphone and doing a variety of geek events and for once we had the English experience. It’s not a very visual occurrence but at least it’s been streamed and shared. He also took the opportunity to speak about lifecast, a new way of sharing the media you generate over a day.

The Lake Parade is a very different type of event. It’s the type of event photographers and camera oeprators go to in order to get video and photographs of girls dancing to music. It’s only once a year and previous years have been better. I like the fact that I can go to the event with a phone, stream video straight to the web and all without the hassle of a camera and laptop.

I’m commenting on the latter because it’s the second time I see someone walking with a laptop in order to do some live streaming of an event whilst I’m very light. I could have shot in high definition but everyone’s doing that. What interests me is going to an event, finding some action, sharing it live as it happens and not have any real post production concerns.

In general live streaming from mobile phones is an interesting way of covering events that does not get much publicity. As a result the audiences are not as large as they could be but that will change. It’s just a matter of getting people used to the idea of webcams and live streams being more interesting than a static twenty meters from where the action is happening.

Lake Parade streaming fun

Whilst a friend was filming with a high speed camera i was streaming the event live from my phone via Qik. I noticed they improved a couple of important things. The first is that video files are now saved and readable without conversion. The second fact is that you now have an RSS feed, makes aggregation easier. I’ve added two or three of those feeds to itunes so the content can be accessed more easily.

And there are a few more on Qik which I’ll let you get to yourself.

Euro 2008, the victorious nation of Spain Celebrate

It’s a sunday night in Switzerland and I’m with some friends. Spain were playing Germany and won 1-0, a respectable score. I was there with the phone streaming the celebrations at the Geneva Fanzone in Plainpalais.

Here are the clips

Ten seconds from the end.

Spanish Fans celebrate.

Drumming atmosphere.

Happy girls dancing and the crowd.

Dancing Spanish Flag wearing people.

Because Women aren’t forgotten after all.

Girls dancing, boy texting, more dancing

More dancing

Still celebrating

Leaving the Fanzone