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  • An SVG clock

    An SVG clock

    Sometimes we experiment and play with technology. The clock below is an SVG clock using SVG and Canvas technology to display local time. Doing it with these two technologies was easier than with JavaScript. The code doesn’t require calculating thousandths of a second like another clock I tried. The tutorial to make this clock is […]

  • Playing with Fire(fox Developer Edition)

    Playing with Fire(fox Developer Edition)

    Google Chrome was misbehaving recently so I started to explore other browsers. By explore I mean try browsers that I had used plenty of times in the past. As I did this I came across Firefox Developer Edition. Firefox Developer Edition is fun because it allows you to see everything that’s going on. If you’re […]

  • Web Dev Studies During The Pandemic.

    Web Dev Studies During The Pandemic.

    During this Pandemic, I have decided to study Web Development and I am slowly making my way through one or two Linkedin Learning Pathways. In the process, I have learned about CSS, PHP, JavaScript ECMAScript2016, Frameworks and more. The course I have studied are: Angular Essential Training / React.js Essential Training / Git Essential Training […]