Playing with Fire(fox Developer Edition)

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Google Chrome was misbehaving recently so I started to explore other browsers. By explore I mean try browsers that I had used plenty of times in the past. As I did this I came across Firefox Developer Edition.

Firefox Developer Edition is fun because it allows you to see everything that’s going on. If you’re studying HTTP headers then you can watch that traffic. If you’re trying to evaluate which parts of a page are loading slowly you can see that. If you want to look at media items loading that is possible too.

Network traffic for Tribune De Genève.

The advantage of this browser is that it allows you to play around and experiment as you work on your websites and get answers efficiently and effectively. It’s a one stop solution to getting plenty of answers without using a collection of websites and tools. It is now my default browser.

You can read a more comprehensive description of the browser’s features on their webpage.

The next step would be to follow a new web development course online, and as I experiment and learn about using frameworks I will be able to determine how useful this tool is.

So far I like it.