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Two very different types of Qik videos

Today both a friend and I are among the top qikkers of the day. Whilst Documentally of Ourmaninside.com was in Milton Keynes getting an iphone 3g and streaming a number of videos on the experience I was filming dancers at the Geneva lake Parade. Both these events have appeal for different reasons. We’re used to… Read More »

replaced mother boards, the n95, press accreditations and qik

Because every day is not the same this one has been quite normal. At eleven in the morning I found out that the motherboard for the macbook pro needed replacing and this should be accomplished by Tuesday. In second the day of work was a good one so I was energetic enough to drop by… Read More »

A lakeside stream

With 3g and fast mobile broadband access on the horizon more and more people will be streaming their content live for those across the world to see. Of interest around Geneva in the next few days is the European cup. We may find a few more people than usual in the streets and this may… Read More »