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  • Garmin Etrex32x and Software Updates

    Garmin Etrex32x and Software Updates

    Updating software is something that we do every single day, often without knowing that it is being updated. WatchOS updated two or three days ago. iOS updated yesterday recently as well. The most notable was Xcode, because it requires several gigabytes of space or it fails to even try, if it detects that there is […]

  • Spring Cycling

    Spring Cycling

    The weather is relatively cold but the sun is out so the time for spring cycling has come. Spring cycling is like other forms of cycling, but you want to dress warm enough to be comfortable, but not so warm as to overheat. You also want to find routes that are short enough so that […]

  • Reading About Hiking While Charging A Watch

    Today I sat in the sun to charge my watch. I kept my left wrist facing the sun. My right wrist was employed in keeping a kindle in place, reading. My goal was to get the watch to go up by one day of charge and it worked. I wouldn’t sit in the sun to […]

  • A Solar Powered Watch in Spain

    A Solar Powered Watch in Spain

    If you were a solar powered watch would you prefer sunny Switzerland or sunny Spain? Luckily my watch has now tried both. The watch likes that you walk with your watch wrist facing the sun and the wrist without a watch to be on the shady side. I know this is not an ordinary thing […]

  • The Garmin Instinct Solar And Activity Tracking

    The Garmin Instinct Solar And Activity Tracking

    For two days I have played with the Garmin Instinct Solar and I already see a niche for it. If I want to be like every other reviewer I will say, “use the expedition mode for up to 127 days or hours of battery life, but I won’t because I think there is another more […]

  • Taking a Break From The Apple Watch

    Taking a Break From The Apple Watch

    Yesterday I decided to take a break from the Apple watch for up to a week. I am tired of two behaviours. The first of these is the watch’s habit of saying that I did not stand for two or three hours in a row. I know that I have. I need to stand to […]

  • Thoughts on the Garmin Vivosmart 4

    Thoughts on the Garmin Vivosmart 4

    The Garmin Vivosmart 4 is the first activity tracker that I see tracking descent as well as ascent. It is yet another fitness tracker and in theory I had no need for it as my Suunto Spartan Wrist HR Baro and my Apple Watch Series 4 do almost the same thing. I was curious to […]

  • The Apple Watch does not fill a niche

    The Apple Watch rather than fill a niche provides a fifth screen. According to Wikipedia the four first screens are the cinema screen, the television screen and the mobile phone and tablet screen. The fifth screen is the smart watch as designed by Apple, Samsung, Sony and others. Apple and others have designed phones that bring […]

  • Guided by the Nüvi 250

    Finding your way around London is hard and after seven or more hours of driving across France from Geneva it can be a little daunting. That’s why I decided to use the Garmin Nüvi 250 to help me. It’s a small pocketable driving GPS that’s easy and intuitive to use. That’s important when you’re on […]