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  • A Different Challenge

    A Different Challenge

    I like the long project but I decided to try a shorter one first.

  • Garmin Expedition Challenges

    Garmin Expedition Challenges

    Garmin have had challenges for years. Most of them have been about distance, or vertical climbing. Now they have new Expedition challenges. Each expedition is named after an expedition or adventure by the same name. The Camino De Santiago challenge is a challenge to walk 784 kilometres. The Denali challenge is to climb 6190m. There […]

  • Of Casio, Suunto, Garmin and Apple

    Of Casio, Suunto, Garmin and Apple

    These four brands create watches. Casio creates rugged watches with batteries that last for a decade or more, and pair with mobile phones to track walks and more. Suunto and Garmin have fitness/sports trackers that measure activities, whether sailing, climbing, running, walking, cycling, scuba diving or more. Apple in contrast creates fragile, mediocre watches that […]

  • A Week and a Half With The Garmin 45S

    A Week and a Half With The Garmin 45S

    I have spent a week and a half with the Garmin 45S and it doe what I expect the Garmin to do, but with more regular charges. The battery is rated to last for a week working as a watch and up to 13 hours working as a sports tracker. You can track your workouts […]

  • Apple Health Step Data Sources

    Apple Health Step Data Sources

    Yesterday I spent some time looking through Apple Health Data Sources. I see that there are plenty of data sources. These are the Apple watch, the iphone, Alltrails, move, connect, stepsapp, pacer, Suunto, Ingress and three more that are marked as inactive. Move is the app that gets data from some Casio watches. Connect is […]

  • Playing With Garmin Coach

    Playing With Garmin Coach

    Today I began playing with Garmin Coach. I decided to try one of the running programs. It’s the first of January, first day of the year, and I have already been for two walks and a run. The run was a calibration run so I ran too fast and too hard so I burned out […]

  • The Warm Sun

    The Warm Sun

    The Garmin Instinct warmed up in the Spanish sun while charging.

  • Running Around in Loops

    Running Around in Loops

    Over the last week or two I decided to run and to swim. These are two sports that are easy to do if you have access either to a pool, or the right shoes. Swimming was in 14°c water for 17 and ten minutes. The first time my hands and feet were cold so I […]

  • A Christmas Swim

    A Christmas Swim

    The watch got to 92 days of battery life. I went for a swim in 15c water. it was just a pool swim.

  • One Year With The Garmin Instinct Solar

    One Year With The Garmin Instinct Solar

    I bought the Garmin Instinct Solar because I was interested to see how the Solar option works. As with most watches the solar panels take several hours to recharge the watch, even during summer heatwaves. The Solar part is great, if you’re in Spain and leave your watch to recharge in the sun while you […]