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  • Moving Sugar Beet

    Reading Time: 2 minutes For a few weeks you see piles of sugar beet at one end, or another of fields. They stay that way for a while, until it rains for some reason. When it rains those piles of beet are loaded into hundreds of tractor trailer loads and transported to the train yard.…

  • Hay There

    Hay There

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Recently we have had droughts so hay has not grown much. This year we have had plenty of rain. This means that hay and grass has had a good growing season. This in turn means that there will be plenty of feed for cows. Maybe yesterday’s bison can eat it.

  • Grains – Harvesting Before the Rain

    Grains – Harvesting Before the Rain

    Reading Time: < 1 minute According to my watch, and farmers, a storm is coming. That’s why they are busy trying to harvest all the grain before it hits. At this time of year you can watch the combine harvesters harvesting all the fields and collecting grain. You can then see tractors following up and…

  • Day Thirty-One of ORCA in Switzerland — Plenty of Dust

    Day Thirty-One of ORCA in Switzerland — Plenty of Dust

    Reading Time: 2 minutes You build up plenty of dust as you plow the fields at the moment. The drought continues, as does the desire for this pandemic to be over. For now, the downward trend continues so we could feel optimistic. I’m still optimistic than in two or three weeks recycling centres will go…

  • 10 Billion People for Dinner

    Reading Time: < 1 minute Having ten billion people to feed will have consequences.