snow fight at 3am

Snow began to fall this morning at 3 am and a group of those living in halls went out to enjoy the fresh snow. it was falling for several hours and everyone was enjoying it. There were snowball fights between the premiums and the standards.

That’s Premium block and standard blocks.

Some people were continuously pelted with snow whilst others simply enjoyed being out in the snow.

A remote-controlled car was there driving around but struggling. The tires were skidding. When will these people learn that you accelerate slowly in snow and gradually build up speed?

I’ve got a video of this morning but I still have to capture it.


  1. julia

    The snow yesterday morning was lovely. Pity it didn’t last long.

    Bit disturbed by the fact there are different ‘premium’ and ‘standard’ halls at your uni – who says the class system is dead in Britain, eh?!

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