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  • A Weekend Walk During a Pandemic

    A Weekend Walk During a Pandemic

    Today I went for my daily walk and I saw a shape. I thought, “That looks like a fox” and as I approached i had a doubt about it being a dog and I felt fear but I continued forward anyway. Eventually the fox noticed me, looked at me and then fled the other way. […]

  • Documentaries about JavaScript Frameworks

    Documentaries about JavaScript Frameworks

    Within the last week Honeypot Originals have released a number of documentaries. Each episode covers a different JavaScript Framework. So far that have Vue.js, Ember.js, Elixir and GraphQL. Each of these documentaries is about half an hour long and interviews some of the key players. What is nice about these documentaries is that they take […]

  • Learning About Service Workers

    Learning About Service Workers

    I am currently learning about Working With Service Workers. Service workers allow you to make a website faster, for those who visit a website more often, or offline, in situations where connectivity may be unreliable. Some of the code used can be found on my github page. MDN Web Docs also have useful information about […]

  • On The Desire To Change Career

    On The Desire To Change Career

    If I had been smart I would have changed career path around 2006-2007 when I was in London surrounded by entrepreneurs and web developers, rather than now during a pandemic. Normally I struggle to find new contracts because of two things. The first is that for camera and editing work there are very few opportunities […]

  • On Long Drives

    On Long Drives

    In Switzerland a three hour drive feels long, but in France or Spain it does not. I drove from Switzerland to Spain and from Spain to switzerland. The drive to Spain is easier because traffic gets lighter as you get further south. Most of the time this is true. This time, as I drove from […]

  • Good Cycling Weather

    Good Cycling Weather

    Despite people doing what they can to keep the pandemic going, by not vaccinating, by not wearing masks, by not minimising social interactions, by avoiding busy shops we are in a 3000 new people infected per day routine in Switzerland. For some reason, fatalists and others have taken the decision that the pandemic can’t be […]

  • Learning Node.JS and Bullet Journaling

    Learning Node.JS and Bullet Journaling

    For a while I have wanted to learn Angular, Laravel and other frameworks but I felt overwhelmed so I decided to learn JavaScript but then I found that I had gaps in my knowledge too, so I went over to Node.js. Now I feel that I am starting to understand more. I understand the context […]

  • Farming In Switzerland

    Farming In Switzerland

    The Pandemic is alive and well and I am still walking around in circles. I would go for bigger, more interesting adventures but no one is publicising those events until after the fact. During a pandemic it helps to be misinformed, an alcoholic and a festival goer. If you like real sports, like climbing, cycling, […]

  • Relaxing with Language Learning

    Relaxing with Language Learning

    Today I practiced vocal German and I found it relaxing compared to being with people in person. This pandemic sees the opportunities almost impossible. When I played with voice recognition on the laptop it failed but when I use it on the phone it works fine. Practice speaking with a phone, when you’re in a […]

  • And That’s When Flames Caressed My Leg

    Last night after visiting my new flat and getting to know one of the people that live there I came back to the bar in Halls to chat with friends but that didn’t last long as there was a lack of atmosphere. Everyone migrated to the field and that’s when it’d become more interesting. Whilst […]