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Plane Watching

Yesterday I went to Geneva airport for an event but found that there were no spaces in any of the parkings so I went to Decathlon and Mediamarkt before deciding to go and watch planes land instead. I watched nine planes land.

During this plane watching session I was on the Meyrin side standing underneath the flight path and then slightly to the right as I stood and to the left from the plane’s perspective.

I was using flightradar to see which plane was landing and how long I would have to wait for the next one and the iPhone 8 plus with the “zoom” lens to photograph the planes just as they were at their biggest in frame. It’s a shame that I was taking pictures at that time of day because the light was almost from behind. If I had tried in the morning the light would have been better. If I had tried at dawn or dusk then it could have made for some nice pictures.

I’d like to go back with a different camera with a proper lens and stand slightly more to the side and take pictures at a slightly more interesting moment. It’s nice to see planes from below, and the KLM shot is really nice but I’d like the planes to be framed better.

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