On The Habit of Daily Walks

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Men’s Health has an article about a person that walked 10,000 steps a day for a month, when his normal step count is 4000. According to the Pedometer++ app on my phone I have taken more than 10,000 steps a day for 140 days in a row. I have to take 10,000 steps for at least six days in a row before I can have a lower step day count. Usually the only reason my step count is lower than 10,000 is that I spent the day driving from one European country to another.

140 days of 10,000+ steps and the distance travelled over the last seven days
140 days of 10,000+ steps and the distance travelled over the last seven days

I can’t imagine taking just 4000 steps a day. For that I would need to spend the entire day at home. From January to March I have walked 12.6 kilometres a day and before that from April 2022-December 2022 I walked an average of 10.3 kilometres per day.

A piece of bread in a field
A piece of bread in a field

For some reason I saw a piece of bread lying in a field. I don’t know whether someone threw it from a car, or if it fell off of a tractor during the preparation of a field. It’s not often that you see baguettes like this. Maybe someone is using it to point the way.

A glove in a field
A glove in a field

It seems that, aside from losing their bread someone also lost their glove. Someone might be having a bad day.

Walking Several Times A Day

Reading the article did remind me of something. There was a time when I struggled to get to ten thousand steps a day, but oveer the years it has become ordinary for me to reach that step count. The only exception now is days when I cycle, or road trip, and this depends on when I arrive home.

To reach the step count during a work day I found that walking to the train station and from the train to work, back from work, and home helps. So does going for a lunchtime walk.

And Finally

If you don’t want to walk for an hour and a half to reach 10,000 steps you can run. Your cadence goes from 100 steps per minute to 150-200 steps per minute and you cover the same distance in half the time.

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