On an amusing conversation in Denmark

By | 06/02/2007

We had been walking around various parts of Demnark with a friend when he said that we should go to a bar. In some countries the name would not be allowed but in this part it is. It’s spunk bar. It’s located on one end of Westbork in Copenhaguen.

We were having a drink when a person with a chinese tattoo walked past and told us “this is snake”, a strange statement. He went and sat down for a bit, then came back and asked if we knew goose eye. Nope, first I’d heard of it. He went back to his seat.

Are you American? was his next question. No I live in London.

He went away again.

Hey, do you know how an ash tray flies. Both my friend and I were perplexed, wondering what he meant by that. “well I do”, back to his seat.

Do you know scientology, nope. Ok, yet again to his seat.

Where in London…

Do you know churchill park? nope, it’s a nice place. They bury people there.

This is probably the best example of surrealism I have seen in a long time. Those fragments are so random that we couldn’t help but burst out laughing. How often do you hear this type of statement?

After that he went away and the episode was finished.

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