Mouse trap videos

When I lived by the seaside in England I was told by one of my flat mates that they had seen a rat go into my room and I don’t remember how I felt about it. Rat traps were soon placed to catch them. A few years later I saw a flat mate have the comic book reaction of fear upon seeing a mouse and I found it deeply amusing. I was also surprised by how ugly that mouse was. 

When I was younger I remember walking through a museum with exhibits of how people would catch mice in the olden days. The one that I remember is one that would drown rats and mice. There is a channel on youtube celebrating the art of catching, mice, gophers, rats, voles, moles, yellowjackets etc. 

The trap above is an interesting series of traps that eventually see a mouse make its way into the rear bucket that can either be a live trap or a drowning trap. 

Rat traps are not just to get rid of pests. They’re also a way of catching food as in the example below. This trap is designed so that you can capture rats alive. It’s an unexpected type of trap. 

If you have mice in your office you can get the rubbish bin trap. It keeps them alive and you can dispose of them in a place where they will not come back to the building. 

He tested an 1876 live catch mouse trap and it works well enough except that when too many mice are in a small enclosed space for too long they fight for their own survival. 

There are plenty of traps spanning centuries of development and innovation. It’s interesting that traps from the Ancient world and Middle Ages can be reconstructed and used today. It’s also interesting to see how ideas that originated in Medieval Europe can be updated using a 3D printer and proved to be effective. 

If I ever find I’m in a place with a mouse problem I will know what to do. 

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