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Hiking And Tea

Grass growing in a field

Grass growing in a field

This morning, as I was doing laundry, I found that I couldn’t focus so I started to look at all the teas that are available at a local shop. I saw that they had herb teas, mint teas, nettle teas, weed tea and more. I also noticed that tea is cheap. You can get twenty cups worth of tea for 0.95 CHF if you’re not picky about the tea you drink. What I find interesting about the broad selection and choices of tea is that it is so cheap compared to water, soft drinks, fizzy drinks, juices, coffee and more. Not only is it cheap, but it is light and easy to carry.

If I was setting off on a multiday hike I think I would transport several bags of tea, and I’d make tea. If it was in the middle of summer I would use the sun to warm up the water in which I would then put the tea, and I’d have a warm cup of tea within a few hours. If you carry fuel with you then you can boil the water, kill any bacteria and viruses and then drink it. Of course this may involve carrying more fuel than you’d like.

I noticed that some teas are cold brew, just put the bag in, wait, and within a certain period of time it’s ready. As you can tell, I have not read the instructions.

I will spend more time looking at different types of tea and I will experiment. It is easy to store, transport, and prepare. Easier than hot chocolate. This morning motivates me to be more adventurous with tea, and to find one or more that I like.

I ran my coffee experiment. I put four espressos into a single cup, and drank it, to see if I like the taste, to determine whether I would buy the grains, and a grinder. As the experiment was a success I can move ahead with that plan.

You see, pandemic life makes us eccentric. Months of solitude has that effect on our well-being.

A few months ago I walked by some nettles and I thought “it smells of mint” and today I looked up the taste of nettles and I saw that they taste of “spinach and cucumber, with a hint of mint.” I don’t mind mint and cucumber, but Spinach puts me off. Shame. It has health benefits.

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