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Half a Billion instagrammers

As of the 21st of June, the longest day, the day that Switzerland finally got some sunshine Instagram announced that there are half a billion instagrammers. That’s almost the same number of people who live in the European Union. Half a Billion users are sharing square images of their daily life.

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Instagram provides us with windows in to the lives of others.

Among those half a billion people are a lot of interesting people. We have a few of the Cousteau family. We have a few celebrities and personalities but we also have an increasing number of people that are part of our personal network. Friends, family and colleagues are on this network. They share key events in their lives, interesting adventures, familiar landmarks and landscapes. Instagram is a social network that connects people who look at the world with a photographic eye.

Some images and some accounts make the lure of travel appear. Wouldn’t you want to travel and see this lake and those rock formations? It reminds me of sights and sounds you can get in Switzerland.

Remember that not all advertising needs to be about city life and city products. Sometimes Instagram can share the passion of the wild. You see an image of New Zealand such as the one above and it reminds you of the Alps. It also reminds you of your desire to get back up in the mountains.

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This social network is ideal for lovers of nature and sports.

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It also lends itself well to illustrating Humanitarian work.

I like Instagram and I hope that it continues to be used in a personal and educational way.

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