Growing Potatoes and Onions

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Recently I have tried growing potatoes and onions. I had flower pots left over, dormant after basil plants died. I often try to keep Basil plants growing but they have a terrible tendency to die. The easiest plant for me to grow has been an orchid that I have had for as long as the apartment in which I live. All I did was give it water, and that was enough. I would repot it but I am afraid that will kill it.

The potato started to sprout, so that’s why I planted it. It grew quite well, towards the light. Eventually it became too large so I have thrown it out. I am not interested in having a potato plant. Recently i saw an onion sprout so I decided to attempt to grow it. It is working well, so far. So far the onion looks much nicer than the potato plant. Long straight stems growing upwards, looking healthy.

I haven’t studied the stages of onion plant growth so I can learn about them, as the plant grows. My watering system is complex. I take a Swiss wine glass, the shot glass, not the large ones, and I give some of that water to the plants. I have found that plants don’t need much water to thrive.

Basil doesn’t need much water. What it needs is water, every single day. If you forget for a single day you’re facing the challenge of reviving it, and then seeing if it thrives. In my experience basil is unforgiving. Orchids are not. Orchids can go several days without water. What they do want is to be lifted into the air. As long as the flowering part is high, the plant is happy.

I have not become a gardener. I’m experimenting with different plants by planting things, and watering them. If they grow, that’s good, but if they don’t, then that’s fine too. It’s nice to experiment.





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