A picture of me, reflected in a Christmas decoration

A Walk In The Snow

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Today I went for a walk in the snow. It wasn’t snowing and I wasn’t in a blizzard but there was snow on the ground. I like when it snows because the landscape looks different. It reminds us of a different age, of old post cards, and a time when the planet was cooler.

A snow covered path with footprints

The season has changed. Visually tomorrow or the next day the snow will be gone and the landscape will look ordinary. The biggest change will be the temperature. I have started walking with insulated mugs of hot tea again. It’s not that I’m drinking them, but rather that I have the drink in case I get thirsty during the walk.

As I write this blog post I can hear snow sliding off of the roof. When it snows the world is quieter in the morning, and then as soon as the sun shines, or the snow turns to rain, then the snow that accumulated on the roof starts to slide, and you hear as it makes its way down.

Yesterday, during my daily walk, I came across a pile of salt. I stepped in it, to see whether it would dry the mud on my shoes and make it fall off. Unfortunately it didn’t so I need to clean that salt off as fast as possible, before it eats away at my shoes. They were preparing everything for the snow that fell overnight. They were out with snowploughs today, to push a few snowflakes off of paths, before the rain.

During this walk I didn’t cross many people, if any. It’s cold, it’s dark, it was rainy, and the roads were soggy. What you don’t see is that I was wearing my hiking boots today. Such shoes make sense in this weather, to keep the feet dry. It also serves to clean the mud.

That’s it for today.