Getting Cold On A Scooter

I don’t often spend two hours on a scooter driving from Geneva to Nyon and back, especially not when it’s about 1°c. In such conditions, I’d drive to the closest train station and be done with it. I waited until ten or eleven in the morning to drive. Any earlier and it would have been really cold.

It’s one of those situations when you’re happy that there are roadworks and slow drivers. If there were no road works and no slow drivers I would be going at up to 80 kilometres an hour and trying to keep as much out of the wind as possible.

My hands, my gluteus maximus and my legs were the parts to get cold. It’s not that the entire leg is cold, but just small parts. This does make it easier to endure.

In previous years when I was driving to work my legs got so cold as I got to the train station that I struggled to walk properly. This wasn’t the case today. In the past, I was driving in the early hours of the morning when temperatures were at their lowest.

Some people add skirts to their scooter, to keep warm. I save money and wear thermal underwear and it works.

Before I leave you I was able to see the bison better than usual. They are in a small pen and I stopped. As I walked up I scared a mother and her calf so I missed the shot I really wanted to get. It’s funny to see an animal as big as a bison run away from you. It’s a relief.

In the photo, you can see that at least one male was watching me. I didn’t stay too long or advance any further and I didn’t linger. These animals could easily bash down the gate.

I also saw a sheepherder and her dog move sheep from one field to another from my bedroom window. For once I saw it in real life, despite having a piece of glass in front of me.







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