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European Identity and Free Roaming

European Identity will benefit greatly from free-roaming. Today roaming fees between European countries have been scrapped. This means that your mobile phone is the same whatever country you go to. It means that you will have the same access to minutes and data. When you travel you will no longer need to change app permissions to reduce data cost. It also means that your images keep backing up via your data plan.

Navigation and gaming

It means that you can use apps like waze, TomTom Go and others as you cross from one country to the next, and the next after that. When you’re playing a game like Ingress, Pokemon Go and others you will no longer need to buy a new sim card for every country. I use Waze in Switzerland and Tomtom go abroad to save on data but with Tomtom Go I only get traffic data when I have data.

Reviews and information

Google Local Guides, TripAdvisor and other apps will benefit from free roaming across Europe because when we travel we visit new restaurants, new bars, new museums, new village squares, hotels and campings. Many of them already offer wifi but now there will be no need for that wifi as we will be able to contribute at the end of the experience rather than in the evening when we get back to where we’re staying.

Walking is one of the key activities when travelling. You can easy get from 20-50,000 steps a day, especially if you’re doing Ingress missions but also as you look for a restaurant that looks or smells okay and with local cars parked in front. The only issue is that in towns cars can’t park in front of restaurants. With free roaming we can check reviews and leave our own feedback.

Roaming Free Europe is great because it means that we no longer need to buy sim cards that we use for a week or two. Switzerland is slowly aligning to roaming free tariffs.

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