My shadow in a pool

Entering Twenty One Degree Water

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For most people over 20 degrees air temperature and twenty one degree water is okay. I struggle. I like water to be warm. I like to be warm before I go in. I like to know that when I get out I will still be warm.

Today with a little effort I managed to convince myself to swim. I didn’t swim much. I swam three hundred meters. Usually I would swim further. During the pandemic I did not swim or climb so my arms are not as strong as they were.

We have weakened during this pandemic and another wave is coming. We are about to have the fifth Swiss wave and other countries will be going through the same thing. People do not understand how pandemics work. They were never curious enough to find out.

We will see when and if I try an electric bike. At the moment I have two or three routes to experiment with. Anything that can be done alone is pandemic friendly.

The pandemic has changed what feels like a reward. I am happy just to walk, on a daily basis. I don’t feel the need to do more. What would have been rewarding pandemic does not exist today.

People say they want the pandemic to end but they do nothing to precipitate the end. They just play the victims, without considering that they are active participants. People are not assuming the responsibility they have.





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