Day Eleven of Orca in Switzerland – Clothes Have Been Barricaded Away

By | 26 March 2020

Today’s joke is that clothes have been barricaded away as you can see in the featured photo. I find the idea of hiding clothing behind a wall of beers amusing. How often would you see this. I hope that your underwear and socks are new because if they’re not you may spend weeks or even months feeling uncomfortable.

The queues to get into the shops are not bad and I did see at least two couples walking together in shops so the rules are not as strict as people thought. Shops are quiet.

We keep hearing the refrain – People should stay home, but people are at home

We keep hearing the refrain that people should stay home but if you walk around villages and other places you see that people are staying home. Parkings are closed. Traffic is practically nonexistent and even pedestrians are rare. You might see one or two people here and there but not more, especially when you walk around lunchtime.

I get the impression that people who are still working feel martyred because they’d like to be off like many others but in my experience you’re better off working than being off. If you’re off then you’re at home with the challenge of finding things to keep you positive.

At work you still have specific tasks to do, you still meet people, and for you life is relatively normal. I see that shop keepers seem normal. They don’t behave as if they’re traumatised. You see them talking together. life has remained normal. I would guess that working in airports at the moment is quiet, with so few flights. If all the planes are parked then you’re an Acte De prèsence. You just need to find how to make time go faster, to get to the end of the current shift.

I didn’t reach ten thousand steps today. I didn’t bother to go for a walk this afternoon. Walks aren’t fun when you need to avoid people who are indifferent. In the shops you have no choice, but outdoors it’s easy for people to avoid you and they should.

As a case in point I could have walked on a side road but because I saw a woman whom I assumed would walk too close to me I took a gravel path. Right after passing her, from several meters away, I heard a severe cough and I’m happy I observed the safety distance. It might have been an ordinary cold. My point is that we should keep our distances at all times.

Another incident involved someone stinking of body odour in the shops. During a pandemic the last thing you want is dirty unwashed people walking around shops. The cleaner you are, the fewer places the virus has to rest and relax whilst waiting for its next connection.

What I thought of after writing the last sentence.

Now that I’ve lost your attention I can have dinner.

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