Day 50 Of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – A Floating Border Bike Ride

By | 04/05/2020

Today could be described as a Floating Border bike ride. During the bike ride I saw at least three or four patrols. One of these patrols had stopped a biker and were checking his papers, a second patrol was checking that the barriers were still in place. In a third case it was the Police Municipale driving towards me near Vevey.

It’s the fiftieth day of solitary confinement for me and I have moments when I feel fine and normal, and others where I don’t. I would love to say that I found an excellent way to celebrate the fiftieth day of self-isolation but I didn’t.

Fifty days in self-isolation would have been very different if the weather had been bad. If the weather had been bad I would have spent more time gaming and doing other passive things like watching television series or reading books. In theory life will be back to the new normal in a week.

I suppose that going on the bike ride that took me furthest from home in fifty days should count for something. The weather is nice enough to be in cycling clothes.

A glimpse of the flyby action.

When I was scrolling through Tik Tok videos I found one video that was ideally suited for a duet. It’s a pan showing the Swiss countryside with some music. I could attempt a dance duet but this is much easier. This is the landscape I cycle in.


##duet with @tinamariadurdov ##switzerland I’m on a bike ride.

? In The End – Mellen Gi Remix – Tommee Profitt

I’m tired from the bike ride. See you tomorrow.

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