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There is an increasing number of professional outfits now offering their content in podcast form, from Euronews to the BBC, from Reuters to The Guardian and others. As a result there are a number of great resources for news content.

The Media guardian was one of the earlier outputs and concentrated mainly on media news but since then The Guardian have diversified their content output to include a number of news programs. These include The Guardian Weekly Podcast, MediaTalk, Newsdesk, and one or two others I have yet to listen to. These programs are good for two reasons; firstly they provide world news when it’s convenient for you and secondly because professionals are creating this content therefore the content should be more reliable. They provide in-depth analysis, getting interviews, and discussions that help the listener understand the topics that are being discussed. In effect they are creating broadcast-quality programs as radio stations have done in the past.

Euronews provides their No Comment video feeds and these are more of a curiosity than factual. They show one to two minutes of edited footage without a voice over. it’s up to the viewer to, via the information previously gathered to understand what the footage is about.

Reuters create their own output in the form of a two to three-minute news summary for the day’s events.

The BBC has a great variety of content available and one of my current favourites is The BBC World Service Global News report that you get twice a day with a summary of the day’s news. It provides around 20 minutes of world news from a variety of countries. They have a number of other productions that cover a range of needs from global news to From Our Own Correspondent and others.

We then have NBC and their Meet the Press Program which is distributed both in podcast and video form. The interviews are interesting and the ability to take them wherever you go means that whilst the program is relatively long it’s available at your convenience.

The point at the moment is that there are a number of resources from which to get the latest news as a result of which some of the more classic, and badly managed more traditional (relatively) media (television) are replaced by newer on-demand content.

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