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  • Netflix provides a better opportunity for documentary content distribution than Discovery

    In the 1990s when satellite distribution of television content was in it’s infancy we got a satellite dish and I would watch the Discovery Channel from the start of the broadcast day to when the programmes were played for the second time that day. By watching so many documentaries I learned a lot about the […]

  • Mythbusters: A Fun Documentary Series

    Mythbusters: A Fun Documentary Series

    Recently Netflix Switzerland made Mythbusters available on their service. As I watched episode after episode I noticed the camaraderie between those who participate in the show. We see that Adam and Jamie occasionally argue but that overall they are having a lot of fun. We see them laugh, joke, tease each other, and collaborate. Their […]

  • Edwardian Farming, a BBC documentary series about the life of Edwardian farmers.

    I really like this documentary series about Edwardian Farming. it is a fly on the wall documentary following three people through a year on an edwardian farm close to Dartmoor. They experiment with market farming, food preparation of the time, trout farming and so much more. It is relaxing and without an over-enthusiastic announcer/narration. It’s […]

  • X-15 Rocket Plane | The World’s Fastest Airplane | NASA Documentary | 1962

  • The Editorial Process at Charlie Hebdo

    Charlie Hebdo, Before the Massacre from The New York Times – Video on Vimeo. I love this glimpse in to a Charlie Hebdo editorial meeting. I like that we see the creation of caricatures that are now so well known and familiar.

  • A line Across The Sky

    An endurance challenge. I want to watch the documentary.

  • The Rescued Film Project

    Undeveloped World War II Film Discovered from The Rescued Film Project on Vimeo. We all have a deep fascination for the past and photography gives us a window in to that past. This documentary follows one individual as he catalogues and then develops 31 rolls of film. As he does so images and moments that […]

  • Font del Truffe with T-Reb

    Font del Truffe with T-Reb from Slawek Packo on Vimeo. Cave diving in France. Although there is a squeeze at the beginning the cave looks forgiving from a visibility point of view.

  • Vincent Cochetel speaking at TEDxPlaceDesNations

    Vincent Cochetel gave a very good speech at TEDxPlaceDesNations in December. He received a standing ovation for it’s content. I was lucky enough to be in the audience on that day. In light of today’s events I believe that this is the right video to share.

  • Rome’s Lost Empire

    Documentaries have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. This year I started with the Documentary Rome’s Lost Empire narrated by Dan Snow. With Sarah, an associate professor they travel from Rome to Transylvania, to Petra and to Tunisia to uncover the Roman Frontier. Using a mixture of both satellite […]