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  • Ingress Walks – A 12km path to Level 13

    I stopped playing Ingress a few years ago because of how much time it requires. I have started going on Ingress walks again – a 12km path to level 13 in yesterday’s case, because I’m combining the daily walk that I would do anyway, with listening to podcasts and audiobooks, anyway. By walking and listening […]

  • A Ten Kilometre Sunday Ingress Walk

    A Ten Kilometre Sunday Ingress Walk

    I was going to take the scooter but it was stuck by three SUVs so I had no option but to lazily give up and go on a 10 kilometre Sunday Ingress walk. I couldn’t be bothered running up to the second floor, getting the car keys, moving the car, getting the scooter out and […]

  • An Ingress Photo Walk Before The Rain

    An Ingress Photo Walk Before The Rain

    Today I went for an Ingress Photo Walk before the rain and I eventually did have to go home because the phone was starting to get wet and there was no urgency to continue playing the game and walking. I did spot a few things that were slightly out of the ordinary. The first thing […]

  • Ingress By Bike

    Ingress by bike is good when you’re in the countryside because it allows you to travel between villages faster than if you were walking and without the carbon footprint of taking the car or a scooter with an internal combustion engine. It also allows you to stop anywhere. Distance Covered In two hours I travelled […]